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    Check Verification for Industry Standards Compliance

    Online payment processing service providers are covered by standards applicable all across the industry for the security of customer’s cardholder’s information. If you are dealing with online businesses that will accept credit card payments, make sure that they have the PCI DSS certification so that you will not be taking unnecessary risks.  Choose to deal with reliable parties who have your due protection in mind.

    The Fight against ACH Fraud

    Beyond the ease of transactions facilitated by the ACH network and its barrage of ACH payment options, many dangers are also lurking. There is the widely-known risk for identity theft, the account fraud, and many other malicious machinations by cyber-looters out to mock the secure system of the ACH.

    For the customer and the online entrepreneur alike, the breach of the system and the consequent compromise of the bank account information and financial records can spell doom. In our fight against the proliferation of ACH fraud, we are called upon to exercise prudence in our online transactions. The exercise of basic precautionary measures is an imperative practice in the conduct of our affairs, especially the ones involving our online payment transactions.

    To learn more about online payment processing, fraud and how to avoid it, head on over to our information section.

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